The RFID ring was born out of a desire to create something functional and cute. I was inspired by medieval poison rings that had a secret compartment hidden for presumably poison. However, instead of poison, I wanted to hide an RFID tag inside the ring. When a smartphone device gets close to the ring, it connects with the RFID tag and directs the smartphone to my website. I was also inspired by my cat, Anita Tension, in creating this design.


The Cube Ring was inspired by a shape that I made absentmindedly in Blender while learning about booleans.
I was taken by the shape’s simplicity and thought the holes in each side would make for an interesting ring design. The ring is pretty heavy and not function-friendly, but I think it could be a fun standout fashion statement. I really love how unique this piece is, and I would love to keep developing this design further.

The Fairy character of my thesis Hero’s Jouney is the unofficial mascot of our project. I knew I wanted to make her into a necklace because she plays a significant role in our main character’s journey. Her simple 2D design was easy for me to recreate in 3D.

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