Hero’s Journey (2024)

Hero’s Journey is a 2D and 3D animation by SVA MFACA students Wes Smith and Ash Suh about the main character of a video game who is unable to control his actions. Hero’s Journey reframes the common story structure of mythic adventures through the modern perspective of a role-playing video game. It also serves as an homage to some of our favorite childhood games such as Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Super Mario Bros. Featuring rising star Christopher Sean Cooper Jr. (Sweet Tooth) as the voice of the Gamer, and Wes Smith as the voice of the titular character, Hero’s Journey combines laughter and heartbreak into one action-packed adventure.

Concept Art and Style Frames

Co-Director, Character animation lead - Wes Smith
Music - Margaret Sohn
Sound Design - Greg Tock

©️ 2024 by Ash Suh